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    [Only topic] Chatbox Chat10(*) Phiên bản hỗ trợphpBB2punBb, Invision, PhpBB3
    Author - LGforum
    Latest Release - 1.8
    Available Old Releases - 1.2, 1.3, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.7.1, 1.8
    Last Release Date - 2nd June 2013
    Expected Next Release Date - TBC
    Forum Support - Phpbb3, Invision, PunBB. It will work on Phpbb2, but bugs may be experienced as phpbb2 is not supported during development.
    AvacWeb Chat for Forumotion forums is Copyrighted (C) by AvacWeb 2012. All Rights Reserved. No distribution of the source code without consent. No use of the source code without access through the domain "". Please respect these copyrights to retain rights to use AvacWeb Chat.

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    In order to keep the AvacWeb Chat Private Messaging system (V1.5 and above) private, it is vital that you add this CSS to your forum's CSS[tip]Found at ACP - Display - Colors - CSS Stylesheet[/tip] before using AvacWeb Chat 1.5 or above. Thank you.
    .a_chat_pm tr, .a_chat_pm td, .a_chat_tab tr, .a_chat_tab td { display:none!important; }
    .a_chat_pm:before, .a_chat_tab:before { content: 'Hidden Content'; font-style: italic; }
    If you do not do this, users will be able to see all private messages in the full chatbox at /chatbox URL.

    Additionally, I recommend reading through this topic. It is cleaned up each release to contain only helpful and informative posts regarding Avacweb Chat

    Introduction to AvacWeb Chat

    Welcome to the new chatbox era, where we've finally moved on from LGChat to replace it with the much superior AvacWeb Chat. Throughout this topic I'll be referring to AvacWeb Chat as AWC, simply because it's quicker. Like LGChat, AWC will be receiving updates and new releases over the course of the next year, and I will be listening to suggestions, bug reports and even contributions to the source code.

    AWC is different due to the way it is written. It is written in a way that it can be customized and upgraded easily. It is written with the future in mind, which was what LGChat lacked, it was written as a one off, which sequentially grew, making updates more difficult each time.

    Not only will it be easier to customize and update for me and contributing developers, it will provide a user API to customize the chat to your forum's needs and more. Including the ability to add a custom style-sheet, add more custom commands, translate into other languages or change the wordings, hooks to allow customizing of the messages and user list, custom event handlers, and of course the same sort of options you received with LGChat, such as custom chat title, custom sound file etc.

    AWC Features:

    Install AvacWeb Chat:

    The AvacWeb Chat Config Settings:

    Customizing Avacweb Chat:

    About Chatrooms:

    Translating AWC or Changing words.:

    Plug Ins and Add-Ons:


    Known Bugs:

    Returning to older versions:
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    I notice this chatbox as I was searching how to add sound, to my fourmotion Chat , and was wondering if I could use it, and get help implementing it.

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